Retro GEM

Retro GEM is a digital to digital HDMI output upgrade for the multiple consoles.
The console kit includes a PCB and Flex(s) that must be soldered into your console. This kit is meant for advanced installers only.

Compatible Consoles

click here for specific mainboard revision support

Basic or Shiny Edition comparison

The basic edition is the perfect choice for use with an external video scaler, with its zero lag direct mode. It comes equipped with a basic video scaler of its own that can output up to 720p.

The Shiny edition features all the bells and whistles of the Pixel FX video processing library, with advanced scanline filters and scaling technology to play your games in low lag 1080p or 1440p without the need for any external video processing hardware. The Shiny edition is for those who want the best for their beloved retro console.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts can be found at in the shop section.

Controller Hot Keys

N64 Open OSD:

PS1 / PS2 Open OSD:

Installation Documents

FX Framework Guides

Rescue System:
WebUI Setup:
Custom Modeline Guide:
Custom Controller Hotkeys / Button Combos Guide:
Custom Gamma Tables:
User Presets:

Bug Reporting and More Information

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