FX-Framework Rescue Instructions

The rescue system is a use in case of emergency where the system is unable to boot the normal firmware. Typical reasons could be caused from a lose of power during the normal flashing procedure. If you have installation problems that create a no video/audio sitution doing these steps will not resolve those issues.

You will need to use a device that has WIFI capabilities to upload the firmware. A laptop or desktop with built in WIFI is the best option but you can also use Android and Apple phones. Make sure these devices are on the latest IOS/Android versions.

Downloading the latest firmware

Download the latest stable to a device that has WIFI capabilities:


Entering Rescue Mode

In Rescue mode the system will not output any HDMI video

If successfully in rescue mode you will see a broadcasted access point with the name: Rescue-System

Connect to the access point using the case sensitive password "Rescue-System"

Once connected open up a web browser (Safari, Chrome, FireFox, Edge) and go to the URL

Enter the case sensitive username "Rescue-System" and case sensitive password "Rescue-System"


Select the n64digital-update.fx file you downloaded earlier and hit the upload button. Leave Reformat Filesystem unchecked. This process is automatic and can take up 5 mins to complete. Once complete you will have a success message.


Power off the console reinstall the top case. Insert a game cart, jumper pak, controller and mini HDMI cable. Power on the console and the unit will be back to normal.

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