N64Digital OSD Guide

The N64Digital has on screen display through HDMI that allows you to fine tune the video output and update the firmware of the N64Digital. There are multiple ways to open and control the OSD.

N64 Controller The controller must be plugged into port of the N64. Open up the OSD by holding L Trigger + R Trigger + DPad Right + C Right.

Use the directional pad and left and right triggers to navigate through the menus.

CEC If your HDMI tv is CEC compatible you can open up the OSD by hitting the OK/Center button on your TV remote. Use the directional keys and back/ok buttons to navigate.

You might need to enable CEC in your TV options


Output Resolution

Change the HDMI output resolution.

Custom Modelines are supported: https://docs.pixelfx.co/N64Digital-Custom-Modelines.html

Post Processing

Advanced Video



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