DCDigital HW2 Installation Instructions

This kit is for advanced installers only. Install at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for damage to your console and/or kit. Each kit is individually tested and confirmed working before being shipped out.

2.1.17 Firmware Bug

The launch firmware included with the first batch of kits must be updated to the latest stable (2.1.23 or higher) before switching the output to "Force VGA" in the Dreamcast settings of the OSD. Without doing so can cause a softbrick in which the unit might need to be updated through the rescue system.

Before you begin:

DCDigital is compatible with all DC models/regions.

The guide will not go over the tear down of the dreamcast. There are many guides online that cover this.

The DCDigital requires a small case cut for the mini HDMI connector.

Kit includes:

Items required

Step 1 - Install vinyl backing

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Peel off the paper layer of the vinyl backing and apply it to the back of the DCDigital pcb.

Step 2 - Mounting the HDMI board

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Disassemble the Dreamcast, so the motherboard is free. *Keep track of the thermal pads, there are some on top and bottom of the motherboard. Use side cutters and pliers (Bend metal back and forth until is snaps off cleanly) to remove the follow areas highligted in yellow.

Use scissors and remove the material highlighted in yellow. This material is thinner, and cuts easily.

Cut off the plastic screw boss with side cutters

Some consoles have this plastic nub. If yours does remove it with side cutters.

Insert the drill blog jig exactly as shown below.
Drill out the 3 holes and then flip it 180 to drill the two other holes. Optionally drill out the rescue button hole with a 1.5mm drill bit

Use the small square and flat files and square the hole up. DO NOT make the hole larger than what the drill bit did. We are just squaring the hole.

Slowly file, only removing a little bit of material. Then check for fitment (Make sure bottom metal shield is in place. Repeat these steps until the board can slide in firmly and lay flat.

Drill two small holes, using the PCB as a guide and mount PCB with supplied M2 screws and nuts. Tip, drill 1 hole and mount screw. Then drill the other hole and mount screw.

Install the provided Antenna, and route to the edge.

Step 3 - Soldering the main flex

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Remove R610 & R609 that are highlighted in yellow. You can discard the resistors.

Remove Excess solder from pads R610 & R609 with desolder braid Some motherboards have R335 populated, and some don't. This is normal, do not remove it.

Align Flat flex on with Audio IC and tack into place

Align Flat flex with the video DAC and tack into place

Solder the rest of the flat flex into place

Solder all the areas highlighted in yellow to the flex & motherboard.

Check for shorts with a multimeter, there should be no adjacent pins connected *Refer to the image below, for a pinmap. (Not all pins hooked up on flex cable are used)

Step 4 - Soldering the controller flex

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Place the controller flex as shown and solder on R601 & R602

Gently bend the flex and solder as shown below

Step 5 - Reinstalling the motherboard and finishing up

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Align the motherboard in this way and use the flip lock connectors to insert both FFC cables. After latching the FFC cables gently lay the motherboard back into place and reassemble the console.

Step 6 - First Bootup

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Congratulations! Enjoy the DCDigital and we appreciate your support.

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